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International Remote sensing and fire research links


Australian Satellite monitoring websites

Hotspot Information

Two websites provide daily information on the location of fire hotspots in northern Australia:

Bushfires Council of the NT: http://eon.ntu.edu.au/pwcnt/firemapping.htm

DOLA: http://www.rss.dola.wa.gov.au

QDNRM: http://www.dnr.qld.gov.au/longpdk/

SatelliteFireMonitor Fire history and fire information websites:

Bushfires Council of the NT: http://www.nt.gov.au/bfc
• information on the Bushfires Council, including links to other websites.

DOLA (Department of Land Administration, Perth WA): http://www.rss.dola.gov.au
•provides fire-related satellite information for WA and the NT.

Fire ecology websites

Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre, Darwin: http://savanna.ntu.edu.au
• overview of research programs in northern Australia including a demonstration of a GIS system for the Victoria River Downs district of the NT.

CSIRO Tropical Ecology Research Centre, Darwin: http://www.dar.dwe.csiro.au
• overview of their research programs including a series of fire-related information sheets. Australian National University, Canberra: http://online.anu.edu.au/Forestry/fire/FNET/ introtofirenet.html
• Fire-Net ‘the on-line information service for Remote sensing information

Further information on the technical characteristics of these and other satellites is available from:

ACRES: http://www.ga.gov.au

http://www.nasa.com This site will only work if your browser settings support cookies

DOLA: http://www.rss.dola.wa.gov.au

SPOT: http://www.spotimage.com/home/

Landsat: http://landsat7.usgs.gov

NOAA-AVHRR: http://poes2.gsfc.nasa.gov/ history/history_home.htm





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