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Kiritana is a second village of study sites in east Sumba. It's traditional broundries iencompass and area of 65.3. The borders of village are Mbatakapidu in the west, Maulumbi in the north, Luku Wingir in the east and Maidang in the south. The village separated in the two side places by the Kambaniru River. Kiritana divided into 4 sub villages (Kuhiwatu, Hanggaroru, Marada Mundi and Prai Kalipar). The main livelihood of community originated from mixed farming (livestock, food crops, vegetables and perennial crops). In the dry season, they concentrated on the vegetables activities along the river.

Total population of Kiritana village is about 1483 persons (included into 378 household). Most of them have low education level (in the elementary school). Like Lukuwingir, this area dominated by savannah. The forest is only found along the river, some valleys and the slopes.

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