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Lukuwingir is a new village in East Sumba. Before 2001, this village include in Maulumbi village. The approximate size of the village area is about 51,8 km2 (from the GIS data) but there is some dispute with neighbouring villages about the exact boundries. The borders of village consist of Mahu Bokul and Maidang village in the south, Kambata Tana and Waimbidi villages in the east, Mauliru and Maulumbi villages in the north and Kiritana in the west. Luku Wingir has divided into 3 sub villages (Luku Wingir, Paumeti and Ngaru Kahiri). The central village is Luku Wingir which is about 32 km from Waingapu (the capital city of east Sumba).
Total population is 530 persons who included into 126 households (population density 10.2 persons/km2 or 2.4 households/km2 and 4.2 persons/household). The Lukuwingir area is dominated by savannah. A forest is only found in some valleys, creeks and slopes. The main cultivated land for the community is in Ngaru Kahiri valley, Paumeti valley and Tamma in Lukuwingir sub village. The community derives its livelihood from mixed farming, a combination of livestock, food crops, and some perennial crops.
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